of Relic Knigths and other stuff.

I have been painting and modeling some stuff I had laying around there.
I will begin with my Relic Knights Academy Guard, for those I opted for a non-non-metalic-metal., and I included the extra non because I'm not good with that technique.

Then I finally assembled a couple of War machines models, Alastair Cane and the female Jorneyman caster
 and finally a special project for a friend a pair of pixies and a bard, the bard is missing a drum and a violin that will be painted and glued after each of them is painted.

I hope my friend likes it.

Until next time when I probably will start painting my Star Nebula Corsairs, so far I think I paintef all of my models for Doctrine.


  1. They look good! But the lighting makes it hard to see the metalic's quality.

  2. yes, sadly I have money to spend only on minis, not so much as to get a decent camera.



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