My Relic Knight Magnus

OK after a long time hiatus, I decided to paint my long forgotten Magnus, I decided for a black priming, then dry brushed some metal colors> Boltgun Metal, Chain Mail Metal and Mitrhril Silver, after that I just washed everything with leviathan purple and picked details with Baltasar gold, and the cape I did Mechrite Red dry brushed with blood red to finish I dry brushed some Necron abyss, Mordian blue, enchanted blue, ice blue and skull white for the energy gems.

for Static I simple painted warlock purple and washed with leviathan purple, plus two dots of sunburst yellow.

on the bases I painted with some metal colors then Adeptus battle grey on the rest of the base all of that washed with Devlan mud.

I like how they look.

lets hope they see play time soon.

UPDATE, more Pictures:


  1. Pictures dont normally give relic knight minis justice with paint jobs unless you have a professional camera. That said, it looks like your scheme works well and i really like the cipher. His cape looks well done as well. Is it just a single color or is it shaded (lighting makes it hard to tell)?

  2. Hi Brian, is a ther color cape overbrushed black, dark red and light red with final highlights.

  3. I like so much the color that I will try the same schema on my void herald



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