X-wing: Rebel fleet review

my love for Xwing is always growing on my, so today I decided to have a quick chek on my models, to see how the look Type by Type.

Lets see how they look starting with the Awing:
Two are from the expansion and 2 are from the Rebel Aces expansion, I changed the color schema a bit on the first two and from blue to green for the last one, I am also liking a lot the gold canopies. but next are my B-wings:

 Once again 2 from expansion and 2 from the RA box, the first one are magnetized and rotate fully on the spot, the other two will do so shortly, next my E-Wings.

 one I painted grey with red and non white details, once again it has a gold canopy and a freehand rebel symbol.
 my Hawk
My X-wings
 my Y-Wings,
 then my Z-95.
 and finally my Falcons.

That is  22 ships, or at least most of my entire fleet, I'm mostly a rebel player and is starting to tell since my games have been with rebel ships mostly, next installment will be my Imperial ships, a lot less by the way.

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