Why I Follow: John's Toy Soldiers

Hello, I'm back tending my much neglected WIF  series, for today's post I would like to talk about John Lambshead blog: John's Toy Soldiers

I came across this excellent blog when searching for  imperial guard tanks.

What is there to like: John is an accomplished IG painter and modeler, one great example of his abilities is his post about the atlas armored engineer vehicle that is not only has great weathered paint but also sports a cool looking crane. If you are in need of inspiration on weathered  tanks then you don't need to look further.
Also I you are interested in  Dan Abnett's Stories he has a nice collection of models for his blood pact army.

For all that and more I Follow: John's Toy Soldiers


  1. I'm sure he'll appreciate the link and the compliments... but you might want to fix where you spelled his name incorrectly! :-D



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