Why I Follow: Dave Taylor

Hello Again, is me, tonight I want to talk about Dave Taylor's blog.

how I ended there: for tonight's post I have to blame Mike from  Santa Cruz Warhammer his is all the fault I read the post he placed about dave taylor  and I just could stop. I still remember that I just managed to suck a full after noon reading all articles in the site.

What is there to like: If you have ever considered doing your own models, the you cant go wrong checking his site, most of his models are beautiful, take a simple example the stalk tank he made from references in the Gaunt Ghost novels from Dan Abnett (OK im seeing a pattern here it is impossible that so many good hobbyist are doing the same renegade IG, without something great being there.) for me is the model I like to emulate.

Another good example are the IG truck he has done from zero he even posted instructions on how to create them.

In sumary a true treasure trove for all of us that love so much our hobby.

For all that and more I follow: davetaylorminiatures

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  1. Have to agree, although it was FTW for me. Dave's an inspiration.



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