My must have army. A FTW post.

Hi, I been out in training last 2 weeks, so i havent posted, I just took some minutes now to tell you about my most have unit as Ron from the warp, asked us to tell about it.

Ok here it goes, how to tell about it, It just happens that sometimes you don't get to play, not even a bit so how I was going to respond about it.

And then I remembered that  in fact some WHFB battles were fought some years ago and I really liked to play my wood elves dragon, it was my firs big model, and no matter what I managed to get him and my treeman in all the games I played (6).  so here was part of the answer for me.

but that is a Fantasy setting and we are talking about 40k.

I also got to play some Gothic and besides all the cools units (I have Empire, Chaos, Darl Eldar, Necron and Tyranids) my favorite unites where the pictured next:

My Desolator and the retribution.

now the thorny issue 40K itself:

I haven played a game that simple. so my must have unit is: none, but I like  my painted Assault marines so I would like to try them I just hope for a game in the future.

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  1. Those assault marines really wants to come out and play! They look awesome for sure. I'm (slowly) working on a squad myself and I really hope to put them on the table. I will post when they are done:)



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