Dread challenge Completed

Ok Im finishing my Ork Dread Today, in the last post I redid the left side and did a new arm so all that was left was to make a top, after consulting with Dave Taylor a decision was made.
I used 2 bases to create the top the first one is a flying base that serves as cover for the paint pot hole, but Im actually going ahead of me here.
First I got a  Space Marine dreadnought flamer, I used a cutter to remove the original tubes and replace them with plasticard tubes to enlarge the flamer to Ork proper size.

Next step was to place the flamer and the plying base.
to do a proper hatch I decided that the easy way out was to remove the inner plastic in a 25mm infantry base.
I looks good but It needed some bitz  that I promply placed.

I added some rivets for good measure, and to cover the slot where model tabs are inserted I used another spare sm dreadnought piece I think that with the rivets it looks properly scavenged.

keep reading for the pictures of the final result:

In the end I used some wire in the new arm and an ork banner in the top.

To summarize I did this  super long step by step to chronicle my personal experience doing a model from scratch, I enjoyed the experience and I hope that it helps    encourage others to look for their bits parts and start doing their own creations. believe me is gratifying.

If you are interested in the previous work here is a list of the previous  posts:
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  1. Yeah! Very good.
    I had seen some parts, but did not understand it very well. Now: all together, is another matter. I have that little imagination hahaha.
    Good luck with the painting ;-P

  2. Gracias Pablo, que bueno que te gusto, como dices espero que cuando este pintado le haga honor. lo unico malo es que no dije como hice la parte principal del motor que en realidad son 2 bahias de lanzamiento imperiales de Gothic, a las que les puse encima una bateria del caos.
    por cierto yo tambien pensaba que no tenia la imaginacion pero me rete y ya vez, es lo bueno de los blogs que proveen inspiraciĆ³n.

  3. Waaaagh! This Mekboy is very pleased with the results. I too look forward to seeing it all painted up in glorious Orky colors. Are there any specific look you are going for with the paint job or will I just have to wait?:)

    Again, very cool. Keep on cranking them out:)

  4. Ok Im looking for the color scheme right now, but I want something rusty. with a touch of red, that is because reds go fasta. and about the wait part your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

  5. I'd imagine it painted up like an old american car from the 50s 60s sometime. You know these gigantic cars with fins and everything. Think of a red one you like, and then think of it rusted up so you still see the now faded color (red, for fastah!) as well as the rust. Like it's old, big, bulky, and still going strong. Not all of it should be red though, some should have other colors, since it is bodged together from different sources.

    Now I feel inspired:) I have too much imagination for the amount of hobby time I have:) Bring out the orks!

    Magnificient. That's a fantastic use of bitz and plastic there, mate.

  7. Thanks Dave, coming from you is a compliment,
    It goes to the paint shop this weekend.



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