Closed for repairs

Hello, for all those that follow me, You'll notice that there has no been updates,  I have been in the hospital. that is the reazon for the lack of updates. Meanwhile I recover no miniatures or everything that I like  while the repairs go into efect.
at least I already decided in my new challenge, so I might end with some new custom, minis.

I hope to recover everything.


  1. May the Emperor shine down on you and bless you with a quick recovery!

  2. Get well soon! Hope that it isn't anything long lasting. No rush, but I always enjoy your posts:)

  3. Vaya compañero... pues si que se te echaba de menos..
    Espero que te mejores pronto.

  4. Thanks to all for the wishes, I'm making good recovery now, but I had to return to the hospital because of some complications, and smashing the bone under the left eye is something I don't recommend to anyone.

    thanks to all again.

  5. Wow sounds like some serious injuries. Been pretty fortune all things considered (a few broken teeth, chainsaw accident to my left knee, etc) and am pretty healthy for how I treat myself. I hope you already do feel better. We are rooting for ya man!



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