My worst paint jobs.

OK I managed to sneak a post meanwhile the ever watchful eye of my wife looks elsewhere,  this post is about my worst paint jobs:

As you can see my one of my first paint jobs.
those are the representation of full units  that are all equally painted. the rest is alread stored for a house moving.  I never painted the flock,  and even used the base color as the color for the clothing.
as an excuse I wanted to get them out the painted table fast. but as a result I think that the color scheme just make them look ugly.

I have  never had the time to repaint them.

for the runer up for  those that  follow me have already see  a picture, my first ork dread ,I think that the paint job could have been better.

now after comparing them to my newer paint jobs I can appreciate my personal progress in the paint skills.


  1. I think both have a certain Orkish charm if I may say so:)

  2. Yeah, they are Orkz, they look good, so what? =) And yes, I am very familiar with the problem of my wife's watchful eye as well. ;-)



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