my WHFB pride

In the past I have showed hints that 40k is not the only GW system to play for me.
In WHFB I played wood elves,I liked them from the get go back in the day (1998).
because of them  I learned the few basics of how to paint and truly loved how they looked. they are not Golden Demon entries, but for a  newbie that never had teachers or the like they looked good.
my first big model was the wood elves dragon, I want to show it here so it motivate me to do a proper paint retouch.

Sadly it has been in storage for a long time and it is a bit dusty.

But my mini love is for my dragon I like it a lot.

1 comment:

  1. Really nifty dragon, has to stand out quite a bit when you put it on the field of battle:) Maybe you should dust of the rest of your army and take some pictures?:) Good to see you back posting again.



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