A remembrance of the old times.

Hello I have found pictures of my old workspace. back in the day I had a room for my non existent playing needs, at least it worked great  to paint minis.

Ok My wife managed to usurp part of my workspace

Later I purchased a little furniture for the PC and ended looking:

Ahh good old days. now the perennial question what has been or is  your preferred workspace.


  1. That's some pretty nerdy things there. I very much approve! Cool stuff.

    My current work area kind of sucks. Just a big table, so so lighting and a crappy chair. I hope to update it quite a bit in the future:)

  2. That's not to bad, I've just got a painting station. If it doesn't fit on the station, it doesn't come in to the living room.

  3. well at least we share something in common right now but next week you will be king of the hill because I will move to a new house and my current area will be gone.

  4. New house, sounds nice. Better claim a hobby room fast:)

  5. only issue is that Im moving into a smaller house due that I need to get it soon and cheap.

  6. Hope everything is ok. Hope you will enjoy your new home. Life can be funny sometimes.

    Question about your avatar. What are you up to? Looks like an interesting model there.



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