Banned time has begun,
Ramdon Thought

Ok. I'm here sneaking some thoughts because for the next 7 days I will have a lot of time due to our holy week, that begins Wednesday at noon and ends on sunday. due to religious concerns and beliefs my wife just told me that all minis and mini work is banned for that period, since I respect her I  will comply  (something to do with an act of faith too, if I don't) but it is sad to know that when I have a decent amount of time and new minis but wont make any progress(sniff, sniff).

All of this makes me wonder how do you guys handle situations like the one I present to you?


  1. Not married, no GF... Don't have to handle situations like that yet. I'll be painting a lot during this week. I finished my first Dire Avenger, but didn't take any pics so I can't show them. I'll get to that today.

    That reminds me, I need to get more flat black for undercoating.

  2. try another base color like flat grey blue or brown. it is better.

  3. People like white or grey priming colors. Think there are some pretty cheap alternatives out there. Search the blogosphere if you are curious:)

    Woroxon. I feel your pain. I am not religious, nor is my wife, but there are times when I would like to "hobby" but can't for various reasons. The wife wants to do something or the other and there is no extra time for my little yellow men.

    The funny answer is that I don't deal with it, I just don't get to do what I want all the time. I just think that after a while of getting unlimited hobby time you would miss the mrs after all.

    My advice is to enjoy the time you do get to hobby as much as you can, and there is such a thing as too much of the good:) Have a good holiday and enjoy your other hobby, your family.

    But most importantly… Waaagh! ;)

  4. thanks flekkzo, I concur with you on missing the wife If I rather choose unlimited gaming time. it is part of life that when you grown up it is usually still not your decision to manage your time. and every facet brings something good.

    @Reingard, Since you are going the ulthwe way you should look for articles that deal with balck armour BOLS has one about painting black or this one :
    usually the idea is to have a little blue and/or brown to enhance the black during the highlight.



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