My First Ork Truck progress Part 1

My first Ork truck has gone from this:

to this:

I decided to try to build it in blocks instead of going full ahead, that with the idea to make the painting process as simple and complete as possible.
I also tested how many miniatures will be able to ride in  and so far 4 are the max.

I have also decided that a name is in order for both of the trucks I'm thinking about   Kruncha and Blazta. but I'm unsure yet.

I will tell you that since my ork mobs will be modified by the presence of my new boys Im planing on doing a few changes on the bases, first I will model more appropriated bases and second I will use the base border to display the model unit, I will post some ideas in the 5 of april week since I'm banned to all Warhammer during the following 7 days due to holy week.


  1. Oi, dem sounds like good an propah Orkish names for yah trukks. You'll be making gork and mork proud, givin' dem humies a good crumpin'!

    Gotta love Orks. Bet you little mekboy drool big puddels when you look at forge world (that new Eldar Phantom looks interesting as well:)) :)

    I've had an awful problem figuring out how I want to do my squad
    markings for my tacticals, but how do one make that for Ork Boyz? Different colored rims on the bases? Paint them up in similar "looks"? I am curious:)

  2. I'm sorry for not replaying before, about the markings I think that using checks for elites and flames for troops it will do for now lets see how it pans out.

    and about having issues to separate minis from ne unit to another is a problem for me too and after seeing how orks mini heavy then I need something besides clothing o differentiate.

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