Birthday time

Ok yesterday was my birthday and I finally got to open my "Gifts" it is amazing how detailed the truck pieces are done I think that they will require some modeling to further enhance the mode and made it look more orkish but they area already great.

here are some pictures:

I'm already salivating on the conversion possibilities I will start as soon  a plan is done.


  1. Happy birthday man! I hope for my birthday I get cool gift like those :P

    Hope you had a good time

  2. FELIZ CUMPLE AÑOS..!!! que mejor regalo que ese.. tendras mucho por hacer en los dias siguientes jejeje..

  3. Happy birthday!

    I bet the mekboy in you are very happy:)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!! That is awesome, I love your conversions dude. The best part is holy week is coming up. You will be able to get some work done (At least I know I will)

  5. That is was me BTW >.> dunno what I did.

  6. Thanks to everyone Im happy with my gifts as my out of the closet Mekboy heart can atest but my day was terrible with workload to spare for 10 years but at least my gifts were happyt and my ideas area lready flowing.

    Again thanks.

    and about holy week im sad to inform that due to religious concerns I have time to enjoy my minis but im banned to so much as peek them so much less be creative.



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