A mekboy expanded posibilities.

Today I received my new stuff and Neal from the warstore really did his "Make a Mekboy Happy Day" action because everything was shipped fast and as ordered.
So here is a list of what was int he box:
Battle mission book
Blood Angels Codex
Ork Lootas x 2
Ork Nobz
various bitz
2 new colors
some brushes
one big mekboy
one painboy
So you can see that I am in a dilemma I can have 1 burna boyz and 1 loota mobs but I don't now if it is better to have one single large unit of either of them what i must do.


  1. HA! now I know why you didn't want to paint your boyz. Lots of new stuff and battle missions! nice

    I really need to do the expansions for the table because its 6'x2'1/2 so its really close. Shooty armies, like all the armies on my side of the table, will get wtfpwnt by dem orkz. Not only that but them trukks will make an appearance soon.

    I feel sorry for those poor space marines that will fight this weekend :P

    I think I will add more space marine stuff to my presents list so that they don't fall so far behind.

  2. COSITAS NUEVAS...pero q feo mas Orks!!! ya son un dolor de cabeza los q estan...tenian q llamar a sus amigos... jajaja creo q la mesa no va a soportar a tantos..jajaja

  3. thanks to for everyone, I have already used the battle misssions book and i must admit that for casual play is great. about the other stuff is comming along nicely so tomorrow there are going to be a lot of updates.



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