Hi, this has been a long but fast year and much has happened during this journey, During this time I went from having a single follower to have 31,  every one appreciated, besides that I have gone from being a lone collector to an active player thanks to Reingar and Ashi initially and Hellboy later, now it seems we have a new player in town so it seems the community is growing.

aside of growing the community side I have also grow personally , mostly I  finally took courage to do some kit bashing and that decision took me to a wonderful road by first creating a nice copy of another person idea the now famous helichoppa, then my favorite Ork Dread, and currently the Fighta.

all in all a year worth living trough.

lets see what is there to come.

Now in another related topic I want to post  one each of the entries of the five participants  at random.


Ron's  entry Ok  a great model that resonates with an article that I send to From The War .
and just for this it tickle my inner bone but I have to be truthful. and that thing simply rocks.


The first entry of Mattarias, when I saw that picture I had to take my breath, the use of the GS is excellent I love it. maybe some day I will use it.


This was one of the entries that Dan Sent, and well an Eldar Titan that is scratch built and that looks like a Forge Work stuff, need I say something else?

 this was one of the entries from Jason I love the way he used a chaos dread to do a better dread. the legs look appropriate and the power fist is simply great.

and last but not least the contest winner

I like the simplicity of the conversion and the fact that it reinforces the gretchin scavenger theme so effectively

overall the participants sent so good entrs and this small gallery is a bit of showcase of the ones that tickle my fancy more so I hope soon to have the proper time to do a full gallery.

one more thing here is the link to validate the drawing for those interested:

Just go there and input any ticket I sent (after the corrections).

Thanks for being here yet and I hope that you are still here one year ahead.


  1. Woo! Wicked sweet entries, everyone! Love that Titan!

    Also, thanks for the comment, dude! :) Greenstuff isn't hard to use, actually. Just work a little bit at a time and keep your tools wet! You'll be rockin' at it in no time!

  2. Wow. Amazing quality on those entries! I just wished all of them had been painted. If you are the owner of one of the unpainted ones, please sent Woroxon pictures when they are painted. Such awesome work deserves paint!

    And again, wow, what awesome quality! I should finish my squad of Grots that have scavenged from different enemies:)

  3. Hahah, will do! I'm saving my Saint for absolute last- She will be the masterpiece of my army.

  4. The eldar Titan is in fact fully painted, I choose the un painted version since you wouldnt belive it is scratchbuilt. and the storm Raven it is not fully painted but at submision time it was begining to be.

    Really all of them look great.

  5. The Titan is just insane! All of them are great and first class. I can't enough say how impressed I am.

  6. Congratulation for your blog anniversary, but it seems that you put little too much things as on your page. It's choking my aging computer, which is not the case with 90% of other blogs. I advise you to make it lighter, more links, less obligatory-loaded stuff...
    just an opinion...

  7. Thanks Magiler im currently experimenting with the desing and your advice is apreciated. I will try to lightn up since my pc is too old too.



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