site changes

Hi, I'm here again trying to improve the design of the blog, for some time I have liked a lot the 3 column template, so now I have jumped on the bandwagon of using the new design features offered by Blogger and they are much to my liking since now the template is separated from colors It is easier to choose.

I'm still deciding wich presentation to use but the template is going to be the 3 column one.

additionally I'm doing some changes into the blog roll, first I removed most of the ones I placed and left a good amount , from now on every month I will remove most of them and add new different ones up to 25, there are going to be staples like From The Warp or Dave Tailor or DEL GREICI or BOLS, that is due to the relevance those blogs have on my personal tastes any way I'm doing this as a part of improvements and because I received a suggestion in the comments for the anniversary gallery, here every one is heard, so if you have more suggestions I will listen (read in reality) to them and if  they match my preferences ( so far 100% rate but  there has been just one suggestion for the site recently) then I will act on them.

ok i will keep listening.


  1. also you are getting to play nowadays :P

    not a lone games workshop collector I would say haha

  2. Yes converted from a lone collector to an active wargamer that is simpy great and I hope to see the new tanks ready.



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