Ork Fighta challenge wip 4

Hello, I'm here again , I came home early at 6pm and decided that I needed to work on the Ork Fighta was in order. so I started to cut some rivets (TEDIOUS WORK) and then glued them until I considered them to be completed.
the I cut the wings so there where some flaps, doing that I got carried away and did some damage to the plastic.
you can see that i decided to add a little detail on the area where the flaps are located, then I decided that the tail was too simple  and proceeded to add a vertical flap
finally I worked on the landing gear and since it is a ork vehicle it comes to reason that it must be really simple, but it still needs something to look finished so here it is.
I think that overall the model is coming along well. next time  i will try to weaponize the model.


  1. esta cool..los remaches le dan el toque Ork .. :p
    Exelente trabajo..

  2. Gracias lo unico es que requieren de tiempo mucho tiempo. aunque asi logre roomp're la monotomia asi que valen la pena.



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