Mixed news


Hello Last week I received my new laptop an Inspiron from dell that I got from Amazon at a reasonable price an that didn't mean a lot of money to import. In the end it eat about $800 from my income (nearly half ) the sad part is that I wont be getting new minis in the foreseeable future.


the good news is that I managed to cram my first Sabol army transport before purchasing the pc and I'm expecting to receive it by next week. another good news was that I were allowed to get a new monitor so I got a Samsung B2030 that is small but since I have so precious space is good to have it.



ahh and I was forgetting to mention that Amazon crammed a WiDi receiver so can use my TV as a second screen with the PC purchase that I should be getting this week 

Aside that the pc came with those magnificent pieces of junk  that I plan to convert into terrain look:




  1. se ve muy interesante, ya quier que haces con eso...saludos... y espero que nos podamos juntar pronto para jugar... :)

  2. Simon yo estoy libre.. y Julio dijo que si puede...el unico problema es que sigo teniendo solo 500pts.. :p

  3. bueno tengo mis orkos y mis space marines y si no de todas formas misiones de 500puntos tienden a ser rapidas



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