This week update

Today, Hellboy and I got together to play a bit, since he wanted to play with his Tyranids but he had so few we decided to play Kill Team fro the battle mission book. We managed to cram 2 games at 250pts in 1 hour plus  another 20 minutes for table setups, overall a great afternoon.  Hellboy won 1 and the I other.

From the game I got inspiration for a challenge to Hellboy, I have in my posesion 3 tyranid Warriors that could end up being better in the hands of him so I challenged hin to the following:
I will sell him the tyranids a retail price (they are already assembled and painted) If he keeps his armies as they are
A 10$ discount if all his minis are black primed by next week
another $10 discount if in 2 weeks all have the bone carapace painted
and if they have a base color in their skin on top of all of the previous then the warriors  are free.

I hope Hellboy manages to achieve the challenge
here are today's pictures:

So far until next time.

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  1. I had to do something similar. For about a year or so, my 3 sons and I had been planning a huge Appocolypse game, even buidling a huge table for it (6 feet by 8 feet). It was going to be an epic game, so they bought models and assembled them. However, they were very slow to put paint on them, other than having me primering them. So, I told them the only way for them to use them in their respective army was to have some paint on each model (not just a dab on a gun barrel). It worked and got them motivated to start painting them, although they were finished, it was better then having all- Night Ninja armies.



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