What I been up to lately.

Hello, I been really busy with work, so I haven’t got my painting time, don’t even mention play time, so when I got a few minutes yesterday I decided to work on my space hulk minis that have lingered for the longest of time. currently I'm working on the librarian I needs a lot of work yet but it is finally approaching table top quality.
For the axe I'm using some washes to achieve a diferent finish with the power weapon so far it is looking good, also you can see I have tried something different with the face as I used a green wash to make it look as If it is using his powers
With the red robe I'm happy how it looks, in the pictures barely notes but it has a nice highlight,

Besides the librarian I also worked on the gates so far my work is missing the hazard strips since my first attempt doesn’t look anywhere near a good job.
DSC00677 DSC00678

and finally
since Im unable to play more often and i got a great bargain i got a copy of the old expansion for THQ WH40k game,so my first box dint sit alone in the library:
now I can play necrons on the cheap.
till next time, when I hope that the terminator is close to being finished.


  1. Very nice looking libby there. Makes me think of Forge World's new Sevrin Loth (Red Scorpions) which looks really awesome.

    A tip for the hazard stripes would be to use some kind of tape. Will take a long time either way though :) Good luck!

  2. Oh, and SQL? What are you doing for a living? :) Computer related? (I'm a Senior Software Engineer)

  3. que bien le quedaron estos...me encantan las bases... y el acha esta super cool

  4. Thank Flekkzo, just to answer your question I currently do QA testing, and I have done IT support for 10 years with mixed dev here and there something like a jack of all the trades.

    about the tape i tried but it is hard to cut into shape.

  5. You could always mask up one stripe at a time and paint. Then when it has dried you move the tape for the next one.

    I image that using a faint pencil line could also work really well. I got a Space Wolves drop pod in my future so I am sure I will get to try:)

    IT you say. Doing QA could explain your nice models. I bet you have more patience than an impatience software engineer:)



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