My thougs on the new Dark Eldar Ravager


Today I took a few minutes to check my google reader and noticed the the new dark eldar ravager, interesting tidbits on the design process like the digital imaging (I can only wonder how much it improves the design times and options) but that I found interesting were the various resemblances I fount to Gothic and wh40k Eldar in the new lines, specially in the drawing i can see the craftworld eldar and the original eldars from gothic a bit too much of imperial cruiser design in the general side shape.  but overall a great simple but effective touch and the dynamics that it introduce with simply hanging the crew instead of them to have a proper place, it feels they really want to catch up with the prey. I would like to hear what you think.

I hope to resume a regular posting schedule soon but I have so much work  that 0my fear is that it might not be possible, till next time.


  1. I do like the new design although I think they should have made it a bit more utilitarian. It's still going to be a pain having to carry 10+ Raiders/Ravagers and they look like they break easily.

  2. I like them. Not wild about them but I like them. But if you look at DE as a whole I really like the new models and how they fit it. They really are Eldar and the models look so damn nice. I hope that the Eldar can get equally good kits in the future:)

    The most interesting thing though is how I really want to try my hand at painting these guys. Looks like one could do a whole lot of cool painting. Not so sure about the black black black motif though. Aren't these guys pleasure seeking Eldar? Where's the pleasure in gloomy emo?:)

  3. Thanks Antipope, I really think that they are fragile but remember that they are eldar after all and they are fragile by their very nature, at least they are not more a bunch of pointed hazzards.

    @Flekzzo yes they look great and full of potential sadly it is an army that iwont be able to collect, acts of faith are already menacing my miniature collections.

  4. @ Woroxon: Well, the Eldar vehicles manage to be sleek, elegant and sturdy at the same time. The might have some flimsy parts but as a whole they are solid.

    On the other hand Dark Eldar vehicles look very breakable. They are supposed to be AV10 and open topped of course so they have to be fragile but I believe they could have come up with something more sturdy. I am waiting to see the real thing before I pass my final judgment though.

    Maybe I am too used to the blant instruments that IG and orky vehicles are, that's why ;)

  5. indeed we both are in the same league because i think that for a rhino that is not glued just snap together feels more solid but as you say it is better to wait for now.



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