Sponsoring the hobby.


In our local group we have so far advanced a lot, last year I was alone blogging about my personal journey collecting GW miniatures and now we are 3 players(Ashi is on California advancing his studies, and glenn hasn’t joined “hint”, “hint” )  that makes me happy but  and both Reingard and Hellboy have some minis that are lacking in the painting area, So I decided that some kind of action is in order to help them have painted armies that they are proud to play, for that I have some options but what i want is to encourage them to advance their hobby skills and that is something I want for the general benefit of the group..

With that in mind  I came up with the idea  to sponsor them to have fully painted armies sooner rather than later, so first turn is for Hellboy’s  Tyranid battle force that currently is  mostly unassembled except for one or two gaunts.

my first step in the sponsor program was to explain him how to do some batch painting and also issuing  him a challenge  that will grant his army 3 tyranid warriors and their swarm

the current conditions to get them are full price or:

  • black coat all his minis and get an initial $10 discount
  • Paint all bone parts and get another 10$  discount.
  • Paint a base coat for the skin parts and get and get $10 a further discount.
  • do all of the abode and get them free.

So if he plays his cards right he can end up with  a  nice looking army.

If that doesn't works then I will need to come up with something to entice him.

If you are still with me then I want to seed you with the idea to sponsor those new to the hobby , it doesn't has to be paint related it can be tactics or strategy or better yet all of the them. it will help us all in the end.

Next one is reingard that also has been a bit slow with his armies.


  1. The longer people collect minis the longer do they end up with a whole bunch of unpainted stuff that always could do with being given away. Stuff you won't do anything with anyway :)

    You should also have him do up the bases properly, like your awesome Tyranid bases :)

    (Yes I am back to painting, put the first paint on a mini in three months or so today. I was pretty happy about that.)

  2. Thanks for the remark, as you correctly point it, we as gamers tend to accumulate quite a loot of unpainted miniature goodness . but right now I'm more concerned in helping a couple of newbies to get a painted army they are proud to deploy.

    also congratulations on getting to paint. I haven't painted a lot lately too

  3. But those random miniatures and extra bits that are collecting dust would be invaluable to noobs who have yet to build a collection of bitz and gubbins:)

    I look forward to seeing how your disciples, hem, I mean friends do. I am a little jealous that you guys get to play:)

    Painted today again. Put two layers of different yellow on a whole fig and sprayed ten shoulder pads white:)

  4. Hey guys! Just letting you all know that I started the hobby again.

    Head on to Ashi's blog my posts, we will be sharing the blog from now on.

    Still waiting on my part of the contest :P



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