My space hulk door bases

After a long time I finally painted the door bases of my space hulk set. the hazard stripes are really a choice I didn’t achieve, I tried a lot of things but had to settle with free hand it really shows but overall the look good at table top distance.
for the schema I decided for a worn look that i panted as follows:
  1. Black undercoat.
  2. Tin bitz dry brush as base coat.
  3. Boltgun metal dry brush, here I tried to cover all but leaving the tin bitz color showing.
  4. A layer of dry brushed Chainmail but not too much just a bit and mainly concentrated in the center.
  5. A final layer of mithril silver but most of it in the center along the way where entities pass,
  6. A fine lining of dwarf bronze in the outline of the steps.
  7. Then dark sun yellow in the vertical wall of the steps.
  8. next I tried with tape strips to paint the black bands but it was all for naught, so free hand and a not so steady hand were my choices, ahh and also I used the small dry brush from GW as base to try the strips to be the same size I just used the side of the tip to have a consistent size (with out success)
  9. Finally I used the wonderful Devlan Mud wash.
the final product is great looking but it can be better,
here are the final results.

DSC00712 DSC00713


  1. Only thing I can say is that if I have to paint anything like that I better use fairly quick brush strokes. Painting it slowly (and I am no fast painter!) ends up just being shaky. The name of the game is to dare to do it all the way!

    I did learn how hard the triangle pattern on a base was though, so it looks easier than it is:)

    Also they look pretty good. Bet it looks even better put together:)

  2. thanks flekzzo, as you said i went for the kill a rapid brush stroke was better that a patient one, so far is good but if I got the patience it might be better.



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