Next Sunday rodeo

Ok, at long last we are getting ready to play this Sunday. since most likely we are going to play kill team so we get more games.  so the rules basically limits the points to 200pts with  0-1 elite, 0-2 troops and 0-1 fast attack.

Last time I tried that it was a lot of fun and allowed more games in less time.

So from the tyranids I expect

  • 1 warrior brood
  • 1 thermagant brood
  • 1 hormogant brood
  • 1 genestealer unit
  • Maybe the carnifex

from the necrons I expect

  • 2 warrior squads
  • 1  Destroyer squad

I will use 2 big mobs of boys plus a bike squad from my orks models and finally my space marines will have their terminator guys (maybe the space hulk ones) and troops maybe the bikes and the assault squad, ok I will tell you how we did with them.


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  2. ME GUSTA LA IDEA... las partidas a 200pt son muy entretenidas, voy a llevar toda la escenografia q pueda

  3. eso, y llevo ya 3 objetivos simples los 3 pero utiles.



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