Starting with good foot on 2011

WARNING: THIS IS A REALLY LONG PHOTO HEAVY POST (it is segmented so it wont be as heavy on the front page as it can be.).

Ok. since in my last post one of the goals is to have more post, I’m already working on that promise.
So  for today's post I will post the work done on my AOBR SM Terminators so far. In the previous post the were looking like that:
They already looked table top good but weren’t finished, now they look like that:
DSC03350 (2)
A bit better still mostly  unfinished but good looking now.

The sergeant

To paint his energy energy weapon I decided to use mithril silver washed with either red or blue I will let you know how it ends up.
Terminator 1
Progress has been very good across the board as you can see I'm working on the shield that might be left as they are currently. All the marines have the same color with different applications so they can be related but unique.
Terminator 2
as the previous picture and the followings you can open them to view them in detail.
Terminator 3

Terminator 4
for him I did a checkered shield, and it looks great, as each one of them have the same colors mostly I want them to have a common origin but have finished that part yet.
Next time I hope to have them finished.but today they are playable. until them have a ´happy new year’.


  1. awesome but I saw tanks a couple of months ago (or less) where are they? I wanna see them! :P

  2. they are in the factory waiting for the magnets to allow all maner of conversions. dam magnets I wish they where here.



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