Incoming tools


Look what came with the mail man today, a copy of the Space Wolves Omnibus, so far I have read up until chapter 4 and it looks great, besides that some Liquitex tools that I decided  were in order to improve the quality of my minis. f


  1. Liquitex has some nice and interesting products, that are way less expensive than buying "hobby" bottles. Hope you will enjoy them:)

    And do enjoy the book. I've read both omnibuses and I dearly wish black library could release more of them. I also need to read prospero burns :)

    And I want to get me a Ragnar Space Wolves force. Just that I don't like GWs mini of him. Gotta make my own :)

  2. The Matte Medium and the Slow Dry are VERY handy.

  3. @Klaus, thanks for the comments I'm eager to test them and I hope to test them and learn more techniques with them (so far I have limited selection).

    @Flekzzo I progressed up until chapter nine today (didn't have a lot of time to read) and I fear the book is really great which in turn might mean a space wolves army might come my way.

  4. How can you not love werewolf Vikings in space, it's brilliant! So brilliant I refuse to play some boring razorspam army, what's the fun in that?

    For Russ and the Allfather!

  5. hmm that lunar eclipse did a work on you two :P

    hopefully this isn't a twilight thing hahaha

  6. @Flekzzo I knew it was coming specially from you. but yes the book is an smart decision.

    @Ashi, you re mean, there is no week here at home where I don't watch one of the movies at least and the preferred character is no other than the Wolfie ahhhhh. my wife really enjoys it.

  7. lol team jacob i see :P

    my fiancee loves the books too :(



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