A New Update

Tonight after a month filled with a busy schedule (taxes you must be careful with them) I worked on my AoBR Terminator Captain sword. the picture doesn’t do it justice but it works.DSC03317

I used most dry brushing here, first I used Necron Abyss, then I started mixing a lighter blue each time by about 50% starting with Enchanted blue then Ultramarines blue and at last ice blue,  finally I painted some lines with Ice blue. it looks a crackling energy weapon

Next time I will take some pictures in daylight.


  1. nice nice! first thing i saw was the sword, very awesome. I also love the red gun, looks very very good.

  2. a pesar de q no se enfoco bien si se alcansa a ver como se fueron degradando los colores. Realmente te quedo muy bien

  3. thanks, I hope that when you see him on the battle field it looks good.

  4. y nos iremos a juntar este fin ???

  5. It does like a bad photo of a good mini:) I like the base, the blue looks very good, the sword is a bit fuzzy so I am looking forward to a better photo. But the crux looks terrific and I like the little shield. Giving it a different color and a sideways stripe makes something that looks boring unpainted look more interesting. Nice touch:) Good looking head on the sergeant too!

    The gun looks old school. Reminds me of old school Imperial Fists :)

  6. Yes Flekzzo you can't see it in the picture because the camera focused on the mini and not the sword, Today I will take some pictures under sunlight and it might be better.



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