More pictures of my space marines Terminator Captain.

Ok since the last picture of my Terminator captain wasn’t a good one i m reposting  it along with new ones.
here the original
next a new one under daylight but no direct sunlight:
Next some more pictures :

All the pictures were taken under direct sunlight, here I must confess that up close the sword looks a bit bad but at table length it really looks good.
At a distance they look good but I don’t like the finish up close I might redo the sword to use blending instead of overbrushing, what do you think?


  1. exelente se ve muy bien!!!se ve como q si la espada esta chispeando energia :p buen trabajo (postdata. ya estoy en guatemala a ver si nos juntamos a comer algo para mostrarte lo que llevo y como lo llevo)

  2. gracias hellboy veamos como estamos de horarios y nos juntamos lo mas seguro es que en 15 dias jugemos el torneito.

  3. me apunto! yo llego maniana a guate asi que les puedo mostrar lo que llevo tambien :D

  4. The little shield looks even nicer in daylight but I think I figured out what bothered me about the sword and it is easily remedied. Take the outside for example. There are two squiggly lines, that represents electricity I assume, but they both face the same way. Adding 2-3 lines by maybe forking one and add one that has a different direction could do wonders. Because it is a nice power weapon, it just feels like it is swishing forward, needs a little balance:)

    Reminds me that all my power weapons look boooooooring. They need to be fixed up in the future :)

  5. Thanks flekkzo i will try your advice
    and re-post the pictures



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