My Plans on the long term for the hobby.

With the new year I’m beginning to form plans, as you might know here in Guatemala we are few and are lacking an identity, I want to fix it and to start it my first idea is to have a motto an I like:

“The few, the hobbyists”

I wont lie it is a clear reference to the U.S. Marines Corp motto and the fact that currently we are no more than 6 players (Glenn I'm counting you). Next after that I will create a nice image as other communities in the “From the Warp” Network have done before.

The goal is to grow and strengthen the nascent community in Guatemala. (I just hope to find the other group that secretly plays).

That is for the group identity, but there are also plans for the group, like the aborted plan to organize a mini end of the year mini tournament. that is going to be a feature that I will try to do quarterly  one tournament that helps us learn faster the rules (yes we are so slow) but that also help us to have fun.

Last but not least I feel that now that we have so many armies (Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Tyranid, Tau and Chaos) a campaign is in order, the idea is that regular play will advance the narrative at a steady pace but the mini-tournaments will focus on important events of it.

I will publish the camping details next week all I can say right now is that it will be started with a mini tournament that will set the initial stage of the sector.

Till next time.


  1. hope we can discuss the motto :P

    I agree to everything else, a narrated campaign sounds awesome.

  2. Semper fidelis:)

    Sounds like you guys have more fun than most and a lot going on. Best of luck! And I will enjoy your future endevours :)

  3. "Ashi, of course we can discuss it, it was something that came to my mind and that I like it because it references our two main characteristics right now, but it is a community and as I said it is an idea, not the final decision. what would be your suggestions, the icon would need suggestions too.

    @Flekzzo is at times like that that i wish we were closer to share more than advice. THANKS.

  4. @woroxon I have never had too many cool gamers around me, so that would be pretty cool. At least the world is slowly shrinking until we can finally start getting beamed around the world :)



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