My little personal Tau rumor

Ok, today I tried to get the commander shadowsun and some other tau from my usual source, and I got for answer that the Tau that are not plastic are no longer available for them to sale.

The reasoning is that the Tau are being prepared for the new release on Q1 2012.

if true or not take it with a grain of salt as usual.


  1. Seems like something is up with all metal minis from GW, not just Tau. Rumors claim that the metal will be replaced by another material of some sort.

    I wanted a Kahn mini to modify into my 4th Company Captain. I'll have to see how that goes :)

  2. you are right even gazkull traka is not availavle too.

  3. also, all metal minis have become direct order only. Only the new releases are sent to stores the rest you have to buy from

  4. hey man, I couldn't go out today because I had some stuff to do here, but I searched on amazon and found

    if I get the Space Hulk from amazon, I might bring this in the package, should I go for it?



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