Todays work on my piranha

I keep working on my tau, currently I have ready 1 Kroot squad, 3 Fire warriors, 1 Broadside, 1 crisis, a lot of drones a heluva lot of drones and about 60 painted bases to be used on my tau, by the way I usually have a rim color and this time it is whit I hope it works when all is said and done.

here are the pictures so enjoy:


the last fire warrior squad is armed with carbines instead of rifles, but I plan to use them as mobile pressure point.

a picture I wanted to show, I'm trying to get my hands on helmets because I really plan to use my 4 pilots as soldiers so I used one of the arms of them in this soldier.


next are the pictures of my piranha:




I dedicated some extra time and my trusted Dremel to magnetize the main weapon


and it pivots here is picture that hides part of my secret.

the recipe took advantage of the fact that a good strong magnet can be hidden in the nose allowing me to use an smaller magnet in the piece that holds the turret in place.


here is the second magnet it really helps a lot, I could have use a piece of metal but the effect wouldn’t be as strong and I really need like that If I want the turret secured in place during gaming.


Only remaining point is to have a piece glued to the rotating part of the turret so it never falls out of place when changing the weapon.


that is all for today.


Till next time.

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  1. That is my favorite type of magnet, big strong hidden magnet:)



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