Smurfing the STC step 1

Ok today I tried my airbrush with not so bad consequences, but after the third trial I must admit that I suck at it.first I forgot to have all pieces ready to paint so some parts where left behind.


but anyway here are the pictures and lets start with a nice group view.


Next the lovely whirlwind that is template I have always loved, it might be the missile launcher silhouette or more the fact that it is an indirect fire weapon, I simply don’t know.DSC00221DSC00222DSC00223

a beauty but not too much behind it, comes the razor back, is taking a nice route from here.


Last the only STC I regret its purchasing, I could have had a predator or something else but no UI went directly with the Rhino, anyway regretting the purchase doesn't mean that I don’t love it, is a nice miniature


I hope that they are ready soon because they already look great and I have a land rider , drop pod and a predator ready to take their place.


  1. It's true, never buy just a plain rhino (unless you buy a bundled box like the battleforces) as for not much more you get a Razorback. Me myself are planning on getting two predators that can double as rhinos/razorbacks for my devastators :) Being IX and X of my 10 rhinos needed for a company (plus two old Razorbacks I won't repaint, and I probably need a few for the 1st Company too. Wow!).

    Airbrushing is hard. Have you read the articles at N++ Wargaming Tradecraft? Lots of airbrush stuff lately. One thing I've noticed is that I need to make sure I don't get too much paint coming out of the airbrush as it starts to run quite quickly on miniatures as it doesn't absorb paint. So many thin layers is better:)

  2. I had a lot of paint run down on me until I started using windex to dilute the paint. As a bonus my minis smell clean haha.

    we should have an airbrush workshop so we can exchange tips on how to do it better. Or just suck less at it than we do.

    Also, love the blue on the new minis. Hopefully we will play soon. When will you be ready for a match?

  3. El windex es la ley, ademas en todos los videos de youtube recomiendan utilizarlo.
    y pues yo puedo hasta el sabado 6 de agosto.



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