Ork Watch Tower part 2

From the last post I was left where the tower was completed, and in this post I will cover the painting process that started with me  priming black.

Next was the base where I followed my standard recipe of dry brushing the following colors: Chaos Black, Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone, then picked the rocks with Adeptus Battlegrey and some other greys each one lighter than the previous, finally some sand was glued to the base but some ended up at the rods,I dry brushed that sand with  Dark Angels Green  goblin Green, Scorpion Green and Sunburst Yellow, it looks like  mold. when the base was done I applied some glue at different spots where some scorched grass was fixed.

then started to dry brush everything with blood angels, ultramarines, dark angels and imperial fist colors,  I did it without being too careful, next all metallic parts were done with tin bitz then boltgun metal was over brushed, the I painted the bone skull, the difficult part was to choose the color for the wire or rope fixing it to the structure, I settle on bronze because it pop out over the bone color

Next are some pictures to compare the size of the structure Gaz really is big, almost as big as the model.

One point I didn't mentioned was that I didn't liked the look of the Ork Icon too much, so I clipped the "Tooth" parts from the lower jaw and cut  3 more and glued them after that I liked a lot more the look of it.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the model and are already planing two more to make it company, with that and some hutz would be great, I think it will be done  in a few weeks.


  1. Really nice!
    I like the new lower jaw better too :)
    Good job!

  2. Muy bueno!!... lo genial de las construcciones orcas es que puedes 'reciclar' muchas piezas... y mientras mas desastroso sea.. mejor quedara.

  3. @Klaus thanks , coming from you it means a lot,

    @Pablo gracias, siempre he dicho que mi ejercicio son los ultramarines, pero secretamente he de tener un mekboy interior porque me salen tan bien los orkos.



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