My Ork Aegis Defense Line

(Warning pic heavy post ahead) 
Ok, After seeing Klaus post on a dynamic scene involving a Force Recon unit, I was struck by this image:

So struck in fact that I must confess that  I had to steal Klaus Idea, (please Klaus forgive me if you are reading this), since a complete steal is not my kind of thing, I decided that an aegis defense line Ork style had to be built, and my ork mekboy started to krank things,some bike bases had to be sacrificed and cut some sprue to get the same arrangement with some liberties due to length constrains

 with the pieces cut I glues some together trying to reproduce klaus style.

 with the frames done I created some metal plates from plasticard

 then some rives by cutting a thin rod of plasticard and gluing it to the

the following step on the process is to glue sand, as always I used my recipe for it.

 here they are completed

 a deploy test, they look good.

I'm happy now with it, proof of it is that I'm still awake beyond 1am.
now my ork settlement is just one step more to become a reality, until next time.


  1. Absolutely Excellent!
    Wonderfull Defensive Line :)

    1. Thanks klaus coming from you is a very good feeling.

  2. Siii!!... una adaptacion 'jugable' del trabajo de Klaus. Muy bien adaptado.
    Mira, me he acordado de estas barricadas que hice yo hace un tiempo:
    Por si te sirven de inspiracion ;-)

    1. Pablo, Pablo, Pablo... coomo te digo GRACIAS, creo que has empeorado los sintomas del mekboy que llevo dentro, ahora creo que voy a hacer por lo menos otras barricadas o elementos como los tuyos, estan increibles. GRACIAS



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