Dread challenge Part 8

Ok today after reading a lot the Ork Codex, I realized that by not using a second CC arm I was in efect restricting my dread in a bad way, so I did a new arm in a similar process to the one used in a previous post, but instead of doing a duplicate I reoriented the internals and drilled 2 holes to make a new CC weapon.

When the new arm was ready I removed the big shoota and placed the new arm, I also added some aditional details like fangs and rivets ( a tiring chore but it enhaces the end result).

I think everything is better now, and just need a big scorcha and enclosing the dread.

If you are interested in the previous work here is a recompilation:
Arm Close combat weapon completed
Arm without weapon and Big shoota completed
Initial work on the arm
Increased feets
Hip Construction

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